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How did you come up with the Bowlynder?

Hi, I am Katie and I live in Mississippi, just south of Memphis, Tennessee!

In April of 2016, as I was cooking tacos, I dreaded straining the grease from the browned ground beef. It was terribly frustrating, and always resulted in me cleaning up a greasy mess!!

My  LENGTHY process consisted of placing a bowl in the sink that would catch the grease as I strained the meat. After I was done straining the meat, I had to pour the hot grease into a jar or wait until the grease hardened, then scrape it into the garbage. 

ALL of that  just to separate the grease from the meat!

AND, I was messing up MORE dishes, and NO ONE wants to clean up more dishes after they just cooked dinner!

It was that day in April, 2016, when I decided there had to be a better way to strain grease and came up with the idea for the Bowlynder!

The Bowlynder makes this process simple and doesn't leave a mess, but it has many more uses to make life in the kitchen easier!