Some of our favorite ways to use the Bowlynder


  • Our favorite way to use the Bowlynder is for disposing of unwanted kitchen grease! Use the Bowlynder like a regular colander but keep the bottom attachment screwed into place. This allows the grease to slip through the colander portion into the disposable portion of the Bowlynder. Then untwist the bottom attachment, remove the clear plastic insert & lastly, throw away your grease! Easy clean up!
  • Use the Bowlynder to rinse off your fruits and vegetables. After you rinse them off with the colander portion, attach the bottom on and it will catch any excess water that drips from your fruit or vegetables while they dry! This is great for when you want to immediately serve your fruit as a snack. Just rinse, attach the bottom, then serve!
  • Making pasta? Great! Use the Bowlynder to drain off the water from your pasta, then if you choose not to mix your sauce and pasta just attach the bottom onto the Bowlynder and set your Bowlynder beside the pasta sauce. Your guest can grab how ever much pasta and sauce they desire without you having to dirty up another bowl!
  • Need a serving bowl? With the Bowlynder being stainless steel, it is great for serving pasta salad and different dishes! Also is dishwasher safe, so easy clean up.
  • The Bowlynder is also great for serving salad. Don't you hate when you are serving salad and the dressing slips to the bottom making all of your lettuce soggy! Well with the Bowlynder, the excess dressing slips through the colander portion which prevents your salad from becoming soggy, and allow you to reapply your excess dressing if needed instead of wasting more salad dressing. 
  • Need a regular colander? Just detach the bottom of the Bowlynder and use it as a regular colander!

Explaining the Bowlynder

Yall need this! Check out so many ways you can use the Bowlynder!! It will save you so much time and clean up in the kitchen! Pour it, Drain it, Toss it! 

Here is another great way to use the Bowlynder! Let us help you keep your kitchen as clean as it can be while preparing food for your family! This video shows how the Bowlynder prevents water from dripping all over the floor after rinsing off fruits or vegetables.

Check out just a few things that the Bowlynder can be used for!!

Watch how Mr. Poppelreiter uses the Bowlynder to drain and rinse off his pasta in preparation for dinner! 

Check out the Bowlynder, a stainless steel bowl with a strainer bottom that helps dispose of unwanted kitchen grease easier!